Guest Post: Its a dog’s life for me… until they put me in the car

Some highlights of Byron’s vacation:
Why are we awake at 4am?

This car is uncomfortable.

Whoop! Kentucky!

This porch is ok, Philo OH is kind of slow.

Roscoe was a cool enough guy. He had a big yard in Dublin, OH

He isn’t fancy enough to sleep on the couch (and I was being naughty)

Geneva-on-the-Lake is more my speed. Cool weather and great sunshine.

Down in NC I met this crazy kid, Bubba

We really got to know one another.

Now here was a nice place. I got to hang out with Comet, who was ok and sleep!

I didn’t wannt stand too close to Comet, she was too pretty.

Where to now!?

The water in Linville, NC was tasty!

Aren’t we cute?

I don’t wanna miss Amanda coming back! No water for me!

Ok, so we’re traveling again?

How did this get in my photos?

Upside down building!

Amanda can’t take pictures of signs.

Almost home!

Thank goodness!

Back to my home state 🙂

Whew. Made it. Time to catch up on sleep.


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