Pine Hill Horse Show

Hey everybody,

I finally got some time to talk to Knots yesterday about the horse trial he and Amanda went to this past weekend.  He gave me all the gossip so I thought I would pass it on to you guys!

So, it all started on Saturday morning when Amanda and Robert came to the barn to get Knots and Panda ready to go.  There were baths and mane pulling and clipping of ponies everywhere!   Then they tied Knots and Panda in the stalls while the humans went to eat lunch.

When they got back that was when the real fun started.  Packing of tack and loading of horses into the trailer, I am not good with time but I feel like this took longer than expected.  This is where the first hand account leaves and all of the rest I heard from Knots.

After the long and hot ride down to a place called Bellville, Tx Knots and Panda were taken to their home away from home.  A swanky little 10×10 stall under a huge pavilion. There were quite possibly 100 stalls set up under this building and all of them were full of strange new faces to meet.  Knots said it wasn’t too bad since Amanda remembered to bring hay and grain.  Once everyone got settled in for the night Knots says they had a huge party with all the new horses.  They wanted to stay up late but the trailer ride really tired him out.

Bright and early Sunday morning Knots saw Robert at the new barn! He was moderately excited to see another familiar face but he had no time to chat since Amanda already had him tacked up and about to head to dressage warm-up.  He said Sarah was there to help Amanda see all of his tricks and calm him down before they did their dressage test.  And suddenly it was time!   He said he gets so nervous when he is in the dressage arena because every move he makes is looked at by EVERYONE!  Well, he may be a bit of a drama llama but, I can understand the pressure. Knots said they did great!  He was a little confused on the canter departures since Amanda was nervous too.  Everyone said they did a great job though.  Whew, I am tired just relating this.  I am glad Knots got a rest and snack between dressage and stadium jumping.

After snack and lunch for the humans, Knots got all dressed up in his jumping gear!  Oh my I bet he looked dashing in his jumping saddle, running martingale, and that sleek looking saddle pad.  I’ll have to ask Amanda for a picture to hang in my stall….   #dreamy
Knots said there were 8 jumps in the arena and he had never seen any of them before!  Sounds scary…. He told me that he just had to trust Amanda that the jumps were jumpable and that when he let her support him they did great.  Not even a single rail knocked down!   Good job Knots!

Then it was time for another break and a snack. (Eventing doesn’t sound so bad with all of these snacks!)  After an hour, it was back in the tack for the cross country round.  Now this sounds like fun!  Cantering through the woods trying to clear 12 jumps in a specific time?  Is it a race?  Is it a challenge?  Knots said it was so much fun. He got to run through the woods and through some water (yuck!) and jump everything in sight.  He was very happy to carry Amanda over everything and let her enjoy the ride.

After all the riding was done Knots got lots of love and pats and “good boys” from everyone there.  Everyone was waiting for the scores to be posted…. How did we do?  Knots was confused, all the people left him in his stall and ran down to the scorers table.  Turns out that Amanda and Knots took SECOND PLACE!!!!  WOOOOOOOO!!!  Go Team!

When they got back last night both Amanda and Knots looked tired but victorious.  I am so proud and happy for my human.  I am glad that I am Amanda’s pony.  With a trainer like her I know I will win ribbons too!  Knots says he thinks I can win 1st place someday.  I hope he is right.

I will see if I can get pictures from Amanda.

So long for now,

The JellyBean Horse   ❤ ❤ ❤


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