Summer is CRAZY

Hi all, summer has started with a bang. After that awesome week of riding the ponies every morning, summer camp hit and my time was stretched extremely thin between work and pony things. But everyone survived, including the students and my ponies. So now we are in the lull before vacation! And I am trying to get some more riding in before the show July 6th. I will be taking Knots in the Goldilocks division, which is a 2’3″ division here. Hopefully we can keep learning and go Beginner Novice in the fall. I have also been trying to fit in some schooling rides on Gracie, since she has picked up a couple of annoying habits in the last few weeks. Nothing a pair of spurs and some forward riding didn’t sort out, but just another annoying thing to fix. I haven’t actually gotten to ride Jellybean in a bit, so hopefully when next I saddle her up she will not have forgotten everything. In any case, some bonus pictures before I leave you until next time 🙂


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