An Update from the barn… Jellybean style!

Hey guys!
So, it has been a while since I wrote an entry for y’all.  Just to let you know that Amanda and Robert have not drove me to complete insanity yet, I have decided to give you an update from my equine perspective!  #spoiledponywithablog

So…  last time I gave you a recap there was this new girl that they brought to live with Oberon and me.  Not only did she get my stall when she moved in but she also got all the attention. 😦  Don’t my people know that I am their princess horse and need ALL of the attention????   #mareenvy  Anyways,  Good Graces (a.k.a Gracie)  finally decided that she wanted to be part of our little herd.  We got turned out every morning together in the pasture and the three of us could run around and eat and do all the horse stuff together!  Then I overheard the people talking about how one of us would have to find a new home because they couldn’t afford all three of us.   I was nervous!   It had been a while since Amanda had climbed up on my back and made me do all of that silly walking and trotting stuff.  Was I going to a new home?   certainly not! right?   Maybe it was going to be Gracie that left; she did have a nasty cut on her foot…  maybe the people would send her away.  Then Oberon and I could go back to it just being us.

Things got real scary when Robert took Gracie and Oberon out and made them all pretty.  He brushed them and picked hooves.  He even brushed and pulled manes and tails!   Then he took soooo many pictures…  I figured it out!  I am a smart horse.  Those were rehoming pictures!  I didn’t get any taken so I figure I was safe from rehoming.  I was very worried about who was going to leave.  I like Oberon a lot but he is just a gelding… and boys aren’t much fun.  Gracie was kind of growing on me and she likes to chase things in the pasture like I do.

One saturday morning Amanda and Robert showed up very early and got Oberon out…  they got him ready and tacked up and then a stranger showed up.  That’s when I knew Oberon was going to be finding a new home.   It turned out that the stranger wasn’t quite ready for a horse like Oberon so he got to stay another week with us!

Then the day came when another person came to look at Oberon.  Gracie and I stayed in the barn and watched through the fencing as Oberon ran around and showed off his stuff.   Apparently these people liked him a lot!   They took him over to their trailer to take him home.  Oberon wasn’t ready to go yet.

While the people thought that Oberon was ready we horses had another thought in mind.  They didn’t even let us say goodbye!  So Oberon refused to get on the trailer until they had walked him back over to the barn so Gracie and I could see him one more time.  Then he hopped on the trailer and went to his new home!   I hope he is happy there!

Since Oberon left I got to move back into my old stall!!!!   Woo!   All of my buckets and water trough were there AND my Jolly Ball….  I know it is a toy.. But its MINE!!!   Gracie moved into Oberon’s stall and now we can stand and have mare talk all day!!!   I like my new bestie.  #maresrule

It’s getting hot again and Amanda and Robert are out here more and more.  Amanda is riding me again and making me CANTER!!!  It is so hard to balance when she is up there.  Its like having a sack of potatoes on my back.  I am determined to learn though.  She loves me so much and I want to be the best horse for her!

Gracis says Robert is dumb and weighs a lot!   hehehe…  She says he pulls on her mouth and has no idea how to use his legs to talk to her.  I keep telling her to give him time.  Oberon said the same thing but that he got better.   Gracie is also learning to canter with Robert on board.  She doesn’t like it because she has balance issues too.

Hopefully all four of us in our herd can get stronger and more balanced this summer.   I want to go to a fancy horse show and jump with Amanda so she can let everyone see how good I am.  #HighExpectations

SO that is what happened this spring.  I hope you enjoyed the recap.
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