Jellybean is Awesome! (to the tune of the lego song)

The stars aligned again for another training ride with Jellybean! Sunday afternoon Robert helped me get Jellybean ready in her boots and saddle, so we could ride in the round pen in the new sand. Jellybean was impatient to do something, as normal, and we walked over to the round pend in good time. I lunged Jellybean around just to get her to pay attention, I wanted snappy transitions and a willing attitude, since it has been a long time since we worked in the round pen. While watching her go, I noticed she was pulling herself along by her front legs at the canter. This doesn’t seem too troublesome yet, but its always good to see how the horses go at liberty.

Jellybean did well, and then I mounted. One of these days I will not suck at mounting from the ground, but until then, Robert holds the other stirrup and helps me mount. Jellybean stands still, except for the shuffling to balance our combined mass. I walked her off to the outside of the pen and she was fairly responsive to my legs. I walked and did a couple of turns, then I asked her to trot. We didn’t do many turns at the trot, but we worked on moving off when I asked. Robert served as backup for when she started to get tired. We even moved into the canter for a lap around the pen. She had a very smooth canter, and Robert said she was having trouble pulling herself along, so she started using her hindquarter. This speaks to the development of her back half that will begin soon. After the cantering, we worked on stopping and backing. She remembered the cues, but wanted to throw her head up in the air. She did give me several steps back, and I decided to ask her for a more complicated maneuver.

I put my leg on her and asked her to roll back and do a turn on the haunches. Basically I asked her to stop, then back up, then turn and trot off. She learned the basic concept, but has a lot more work to do before I consider it even worth showing people šŸ˜‰

Our last part of the day was a little bit rushed since I had a lesson waiting on me to finish, but I walked Jellybean out of the round pen and then took a turn around the jump field in both directions. She did awesome!! I have been pretty hesitant about riding her outside of our [small] comfort zone, but it looks like we can start moving past that really soon! Just a few more confidence building rides in the arena. I also still need to work on her understanding of moving forward when I ask. I’m all ears for suggestions, I’m kind of hoping she will just get it at some point.

Anyways, more fun things to come. I am going to start going to the barn before work, and provided I can get someone out there with me, I want to start riding Jellybean and Knots in the morning!

Oh hey! You found some water šŸ™‚

Thanks for sharing!

Oh! I guess your don’t want to share…

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