Jellybean and Gracie

     Continuing the updates, Jellybean and Gracie were moved back into their permanent homes. Gracie has the big stall on the end, and Jellybean has the stall next to it that she was previously housed in. We never actually moved her nameplate, so it was still waiting for her when she moved back in. Unfortunately, Gracie left the place in a mess, so yesterday the boys cleaned out the stall for me. I made a deal with the young cowboys, if they kept my stalls clean I would teach them how to jump and they could compete against the girls (all same age group) at the end of the month event. So yesterday I showed up to fresh stalls with clean shavings. Initially, they told me they would keep my stalls clean, and I challenged them to look as good as Jeannette’s, but they claimed they could do better. The challenge has not yet been decided, but I think Jeannette is coming out on top currently.

This cool kid 🙂

     Gracie and Jellybean have been getting out everyday, as Robert and I have made the commitment to turning them out every morning in an effort to deal with the stalls. In the evenings we have been trying to work with the ponies to limited success, but as the summer carries on I see more riding in our future. Robert has been working with Gracie to get her to trot out and go where he tells her. She is definitely green, but it should improve drastically with some time. She also has been working at the canter, she tries to jump up and be very very collected, which she doesn’t have the strength to hold. So Robert has been working her on the line in her canter to push her along.

     Jellybean was ridden the other day in the cutting pen, and she did well. I want to stop thinking of her as not broke, and start trying to show her new things and build her confidence. Last ride we worked on walking and trotting and turning at the trot. She did spook at something [stupid], and trotted off bucking a few steps, but she didn’t have her heart in the bucking and we continued on. I rode her for an hour, hour and a half, and walked her around a lot. I also taught her how to back up. She didn’t like it at first, but once she realized what I wanted, she was backing up to five steps at a time. She was not especially resistant, but she didn’t tuck her head very nicely. Future things 😉

     Last but not least, we got sand in the round pen, and Jellybean got to play around before it was spread out:


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