Jellybean, Oberon, and now Gracie

Sorry that it has been a while since the comic relief stepped in to reward you for your diligent following of our blog!

Since I have been away from the keyboard things have become interesting around the farm.  We are very dedicated to owning, caring for, and growing with our horses.  With this in mind I knew going into horse ownership was an investment with little to no return except the joy that these majestic animals bring in to our lives.  However,  I thought we would be content, at least in our current employment situation, with ONE horse each.  Amanda has a wonderful if slightly ill tempered quarter horse baby and I had my big old cleveland bay.   Imagine my surprise when we rather spontaneously acquired Gracie, a hanoverian cross.

I have learned to accept horse related purchases in stride and there really isn’t anything else to do so, here we go.

Let’s introduce the new girl to the “old” girl.  When we knew Gracie was coming home with us it was decided that she definitely need a stall. Since Gracie is a whopping 16.2 hands she needed to be on the “tall” side of the barn.  Guess who got evicted to make room?  Not the 16.3 hand Cleveland Bay…  we can’t have him squished into a tiny stall like a sardine… that is just undignified. However, the cute little 15.2 hand quarter horse mare would fit in that stall real nice.  So, Jellybean got the boot and the stall was cleaned and setup for the new girl in town, Gracie.

Upon her arrival I do not think Jellybean approved.  Gracie had taken her stall and now, she was eyeing her boyfriend Oberon.  There was and still is much pinning of ears, kicking of stall walls and, general resentment toward the new girl.

Gracie on the other hand, took it all in stride as if to say “yes, this is what I deserve. Best stall, best food, and best company.”

Oberon was upset at first too.  He was worried about a new horse, male or female, entering HIS herd. (Yes, I know it was and is Jellybean’s herd.  No gelding could ever stand up to her.)  We turned all three of them out and Oberon seemed very protective of Jellybean.  He would pin ears and lunge at Gracie then, chase her off.  No old man issues here, that is my girl.  Eventually he accepted her as a non-threat. (or maybe Gracie’s mare side came out and put him in his place.) and now with turn out they are a big happy family.

It makes me kind of sad that we can not afford to keep all three and the fact that Oberon will be leaving soon makes me feel guilty.  We will do our best to find him a great home where he can be someone’s awesome horse.  I know when he leaves us I will feel like an awful homewrecker for breaking up their little herd.   Ah well, life goes on.


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