A new horse and reports of other things Part I

     Juggling horses and school and relationships is tricky most days. It has been especially tricky during this very busy semester. I have been mostly absent because I have been taking three classes, teaching two recitations per week, and then all the assorted horse things, including working with our new riding team and teaching the other odd lessons. Spring break was a refreshing hint of summer to come, and a lowered stress level. In any case, its back to the grind. 

    Between grinding the schedule around Jeannette and I decided we should go to a show. Specifically a schooling event. Enter the derby. Basically, ride a dressage test then jump eight cross country jumps with the last into the stadium arena to jump five more jumps. We entered the green as grass division (2-2’3 jumps) about a month out, and decided we should get ready. I took Knots (Have and Have Knots) and she took Panda (Pandamonium). What a weekend! But before I tell you about that (in Part II), I want to make an aside about a new pony!

     Saturday I taught some lessons and then talked Maggie into coming with me to look at a new horse. 

Most recent picture


Literally a picture of the picture on her coggins…

I think she needed a new home lol

     Anyways. The ad was intriguing. From her ride on sale day she seems super lazy and kind of green, but otherwise very cute and maybe sensible. So we are going to take a couple of weeks and make some decisions about what to do with her. I have been toying with the idea of a resale project, especially considering I know several people in the market for horses at the farm. I was only planning to kick the tire on this, since it almost sounded too good to be true. And then I realized they people selling were blissfully unaware of her potential value. They simply thought, English horse must be worth almost a grand!

     She did come with papers, and so I spent a bit of time on the internet looking up her history and getting in contact with her mom. Her mom immediately got back to me, and basically told me she was a pet for the most part, and very lazy. This is music to my ears, because I think she will be easier to find a permanent home for if she has a good mind AND a cute face. 

     And so now we have to decide whats going to happen to her! I see two scenarios at this point:
1. Robert loves her and we sell Oberon.
2. One of my students loves her and we sell Gracie.

Either way, three horses on the feed bill is going to be as temporary as possible.


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