Lessons and Lameness

     Tomorrow, Jeannette has signed us up for a dressage lesson with Sarah at Denali Sporthorses. Hopefully it will go well, but I am a bit apprehensive. Its been awhile since I rode in a real lesson. These lessons are going to be centered around dressage, which a the tricky part of eventing. At first, we wanted to go off site and ride some schoolmasters. I’ve been told many times the only way to feel is to have a horse that knows. So off we went. Unfortunately, dressage programs with schoolmasters seem to be lacking in this area, so we are settling for a trainer who will give us lessons on our own horses. Luckily, Oberon is an ideal lesson horse for this scenario. Except he’s off. 

     Last week we got Oberon all saddled up for Robert to ride, since he got some sweet new riding apparel for Christmas. Oberon was a tool. Over reactive and spooking for fun. Then he started gimping around. He looked like he had some pain in his right hip. So the ride ended. The next day, I got him out to work him a little bit and see if the hip was bothering him from the start. Aside from his spookiness and over-re-activeness at the beginning, he was ok. As the ride progressed though, I could feel him getting sore. So we ended again. He had yesterday off in the pasture, and all day out today.

     I got him out today to get started. Maggie and I decided he is being a TB, and needs to get focused before I ride. He needs a job so he doesn’t feel like he needs to spook. So I lunged Oberon around, without and then with side reins. He did ok, still a little bit fruity, but not sore. Until he did some cantering circle right. That really seemed to get him a bit sore. So I decided not to ride.

     At this point, it seems like there is a stiffness or a muscle weakness. I know he banged his hip straight into a metal gate a few weeks ago, and the soreness might be working out at this point. He isn’t starting off the ride lame, only after a little bit of work. I’m hoping we can keep “working it out,” but I will have to see. In any case, the moral of this story is that I will not be riding Oberon in the lesson tomorrow. This is a disappointment, but also not that big of a deal. Knots is a worthy substitute, and I have spent a lot more time working with him. AND! He will probably be the one I take to an event. To be continued…


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