We had a great session tonight! I decided to throw caution to the wind, and I just went for it. Jellybean has been stuck in a stall for quite some time, and I decided I wanted to ride her tonight. I showed up and got her tacked up. I started lunging her and she definitely took some time to calm down. It didn’t help that the temperature was dropping and we were in the cutting pen under the lights. Jellybean snorted around and blew and flagged her tail and galloped around and tried to buck the saddle off. Obviously none of that worked, and she was forced to pay attention to me anyway. I don’t know if she was completely unresponsive, or she couldn’t see me. Her responsiveness to my voice commands was kind of crappy. In any case, we went through our “warm up” after she finished galloping around. I made her walk and trot and canter and we did several transitions. Then I took the lunge line off!

     Since I had no handsome assistant tonight, I just walked Jellybean over to the gate and hopped on (I really need to work on my one legged jump). Jellybean was just bored, and tried half heartedly to walk off. Once I was mounted we walked around the entire arena and worked on walk/stop and turns. I was thinking about trotting around, but I didn’t want to push the envelope too much. Jellybean did great, especially considering we haven’t worked in over two weeks. Whew. Thank goodness 🙂


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