Good ride on a chilly day

     Happy Monday!

     This weekend blew by, but we did make some time on Sunday to ride the ponies. Jellybean was up first, and Robert lunged her on the line in the cutting pen. Then I hopped on her and walk/trotted around the pen. She did awesome! She trotted off on command (but only until she got tired) and slowed right down on command. She was getting better about turning, but she putzes out when she tries to turn at the trot. 

     It all boils down to Jellybean is super lazy. She is kind of spooky about the cutting pen, and especially the standing water on the other side of the fence. She also spooked off when someone driving down the drive splashed some water. The other awesome aspect of this ride is that we were not the only people riding in the arena! Jeannette was riding Cash, and Jellybean wasn’t paying him any attention! I am so glad we had a good ride, and I hope the good rides keep on keeping on 🙂

All the ponies had fun running around the jump field!


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