I almost got away!

As we near the end of year one of my captivity with my people I have been refelcting on the torture and all of the crazy stuff they have asked me to do.

Since I was adopted by Amanda and Robert they have made me do everything from walking through a water puddle to cantering under a stinky leather saddle.  All the other horses around here tell me this is what it means to be a horse.  I don’t think they really understand who I am.  I am a princess pony!  I do not walk in water! I do not suffer my feet to be picked up by strange men with tools.  I am certainly not a working class pony.  I am Dusty Summer! 

With all of this in mind I saw my chance last night.  Amanda and Robert had brought the new guy, Oberon, and me in from the pasture and left our stalls unlocked while they made our dinner.  I was very cautious and quiet in my escape.  I waited until they were deep in discussion with Jeannette, then nudged the stall door open and made my break for it! 

Alas, my instincts and the people’s snitch ruined my chances.  As I made my break down the aisle to freedom I saw some tasty hay and grain that had been left on the floor!  I tried to ignore it but it looked so tasty!  I stopped to take a bite and that is when I heard Oberon snitching on my escape!  He was pacing and nickering in his stall and then Robert looked over and saw me!  Shoot!  No escaping now!  He came down the aisle and tricked me back into my stall. 

These people are fools.  Maybe next year will be a better year to escape. 

I’ll have to keep my gaurd up around these two legged animals….

Until next time.  Yours in captivity,

Dusty Summer (aka. Jellbean)


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