Oberon’s One month Anniversary

So, it seems time flies by a lot faster when you are busy!  It seems like just last week when Jellybean met her “mail-ordered boyfriend”, Oberon.  She was very excited and Oberon has grown very fond of his new stable mate.

A little bit of catch up on what he has ben doing lately.  First off, he had to get used to everything at the new place.  Whenever Amanda or I would ride him he would act like Doug from the movie Up.  “SQUIRREL!!!”, oh that’s right, we are riding….  “SQUIRREL!!”….  oh yeah, trotting here.  “OH MOTHER OF GOD! IS THAT A COW!!!!!!!!”  right….  cantering away now!  and don’t forget all the scary flappy things like tarps of tin roofs or dogs, cats, kids…  a practical menagerie of new and scary things to see.

Well, he finally saw all there was to see and started getting bored…  I think bored horses are worse than bored children…  they don’t get in as much trouble but, they are orders of magnitude more expensive when they do something stupid.  Sooo, we set up a work out routine for him.  long and low is his new torture (build that top line Oberon),  also a lot of circles to get that balance and strength back.

Other than that it has been a rough semester,  very little time to do more than ride 1-2 times a week.  I am hoping this will change now the undergrads are gone. I really hope we can build him up and see how he likes jumping in the spring!   Maybe even some fancy prancing dressage…  who knows.

Stay tuned for more fun.

p.s.  he has a twitter account just like Jellybean.  Follow him @oberonthehorse.


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