Looks like the ponies will be on their own for the next week! Robert and I are visiting my parents in Ohio, so Jeannette will be horse-sitting for us. Byron will be staying with Robert’s parents in Houston, so he gets a vacation of sorts too. The weather has been spacey again, although it looks like we will miss the “cold” in Texas (mid 40 highs) and trade for some highs in the 30s. 

     I did get to ride Jellybean on Sunday, and we worked on keeping her attention. She worked on walk/trot/canter transitions in both directions before I got on. Then Robert helped lunge her. We cantered for the first time, she has a lot of suspension. She has been pinning her ears at Robert as he signals to her with the whip, but she seems to stop that when she has to focus on other important things (like not falling over at the canter). I think this will be our strategy, and I am still planning on putting the 30 days on Jellybean. If I can rider her with Robert or Jeannette (please? :)) for about 7 days, I hope to be able to ride her with minimal assistance. The thirty days starts after vacation… whoop!

    In other news, since we can’t afford to indulge ourselves with horse blankets (seriously, the overnight temperatures don’t dip below 40 for more than one day at a time), we did decide to get Byron a blanket. Because they’re adorable, and he’s adorable, and why not? Pictures when we return from Ohio 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!


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