Jellybean’s progress, or lack therof and Oberon’s hidden skills

     I have been posting some entries about how stagnant Jellybean has been these past few weeks. I have been a little down on myself about her lack of progress. With the weather and light and schedules, I have only been able to ride/work Jellybean about once every week or so. She has decided to be pissy and isn’t progressing well. I expressed my frustration with this to a friend this morning and she suggested just putting the 30 days on her and moving on. 

     I considered this at the beginning, but I didn’t want to commit the time. This situation I am putting myself in reminds me that maybe I need to hammer down and just do it. Thirty days is relatively short, and then I can start riding Jellybean every day that I have time as she continues to grow. Then next summer we can actually start moving! I think a thirty day training plan should yield a horse that moves off your leg, walk/trot/canter, turns, and stops. I think if she’s smart we could also progress further and any way we throw it, we should be riding in any arena with similar success. 

   Maybe I will plan on doing this once school ends. After Thanksgiving. I need to look at the calendar and hammer down. Well. Looks like I could do Dec 1-20. Then see where the Christmas holidays put us. Until then I need to work on riding her every free moment I have. 

     In other news, Oberon is going to be a solid acquisition. He is going to challenge Robert and I to be much better, active riders. He is not the type of horse to tolerate putzing, he needs constant direction or he decides to do other things. I sent an email to his breeder recently, and I hope to learn more about him soon. In the meantime, I need to put on my focus pants if I want to ride him successfully. And I think this will be a fun challenge!


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