Jellybean’s new boyfriend!

     The rain has returned in force! After the last major rain event, we spent some time thoroughly investigating the rain situation and then made some fixes. Currently they are working, but unfortunately the aftermath of the last flood is still with us. Two barn stalls are flooded and trying to slowly dry out. While Jellybean has been displaced, we have been diligently working to accommodate our newest addition.

     I spend a lot (this is a huge understatement) of time trolling craigslist and other questionably savory venues for horses for sale. As I mentioned earlier, I am looking for a horse of around 17 hands or taller and with sufficient bone for Robert to ride comfortably. I prefer a broke horse, no greenies, and something older than 7. Well I finally found something priced correctly that met my qualifications!

Meet Oberon!

     Oberon needs a few groceries and a long term conditioning program, but I expect he will prove a great investment. He is a Cleveland Bay/Thoroughbred out of Imagine That by Sky Image. His registered name is Half of That. He is twelve years old and about 17 hands (to be taped later). He has some dressage training and some eventing background, although the specifics are fuzzy. 

     Robert test-rode him, and he did well, although I think he will do better in a snaffle than a tom thumb. He was responsive to leg cues, although fairly lazy. Either way, I think we have a great project on our hands. I will be letting Robert give him impressions of the test ride, stay tuned 🙂
     So today Oberon is coming, through the rain and mud. I am hoping to turn him out once he arrives, but that will depend on the weather trends. He definitely needs to meet his new girlfriend Jellybean, and hopefully they will have stalls ready, as soon as I get out to the farm and get started with some work!

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