Rain rain go away (year two)

     So the rainy season is upon us once again. Back when I lived in NC I thought only places in Indonesia and Africa had rainy seasons. Then I moved to Texas. It rains once a month between May and September, then the heavens open and it rains at least once a week. I like sunshine, and while the heat can be tiresome, I enjoy being able to ride whenever my schedule allows. In the monsoon season, I can only ride when I have time AND the farm is only moderately saturated.

     The owners of the farm have made significant improvements from last year, but managing rainwater in an area extremely prone to flash flooding and in a low spot to boot is challenging even with unlimited budget and time. So week by week, we make some changes, and at some point in the future everything will be perfect 😉

     Jellybean usually enjoys the rain, although I doubt she has any love for the days spent in the stall. I mentioned last time it rained, we had some serious barn flooding. This time it was much worse, completely flooding my stall (right) and the one next to it.

Oh nos!

     Luckily, the barn owner was able to investigate the problem, and she tracked it down to a detached downspout behind the barn. We all remain hopeful that this will prevent water from entering the barn. Jellybean was relocated after the flooding so she could enjoy a dry stall until hers dried out. Since most of my readers ride horses and (I hope) all of you have been charged with maintaining a stall…. you know what comes next. 

     We missed out ride on Thursday, and now we get to strip Jellybean’s stall and re-bed it if the shavings make it here. This is going to be quite the process… we will have to shovel out everything, regrade the stall and then re-bed. If we were rich, we would simple mat the entire stall and save a large headache. Unfortunately (and fortunately) the stall is 14 x 12, and that would require several hundred dollars. Later.
     In other news, Robert and I (well mostly I) are horse shopping with increasing seriousness. I hope you are on the edge of your seat with (hopefully) our next acquisition.


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