Happy Halloween!

     Many people take great pleasure in dressing up their animals for Halloween. Apparently I am one of those people. The barn decided to have a play day and costume contest, which turned out to be a great idea! Robert and I brainstormed cool costumes (well Robert did, I am sadly lacking in creativity). Finally after deciding Jellybean the sheep would be too hard to pull off, we decided to make dragons and be dragon slayers! (These costumes would also conveniently double as Ren Faire costumes)

     Now many people are worried about dressing up their broke, well trained horses. You can imagine we were a little bit apprehensive about dressing up Jellybean. We decided to pick up some “dragon” wings (aka fairy wings) at the store and then make Jelly some horns and spikes. We planned to secure these things with a surcingle and her halter.

     Jellybean was a champ through all this, she only put up minimal fuss as I tied on her spikes (connecting her mane to her tail) and then attached her wings. She didn’t even care that much about her styrofoam horns. I call this a win. Once Jellybean was dressed, we started the costume contest! Jellybean and I won second place!! We were beaten by a very well done Cowboy/Indian pair! All in all a winning situation! And now the pictures:

     All in all, this was a successful day and Jellybean was a champion 🙂


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