It rained, then poured, then flooded…

Howdy readers!   It has been awhile since I have regaled you with Jellybean antics.  Well rest assured she has not been quiet while it has been less than ideal for riding.

As the title suggests, we got a bit of rain around the barn the last week and a half.  well, Jellybean has certainly opened up her personality to let us know her displeasure at being in a stall all day.

She has started into her rebellious teen years with full force.  Amanda likes to have a neatly trimmed bridle path on her pretty little princess horse but, like every child, Jelly has decided she wants the exact opposite.  I present to you Jellybean’s mohawk…   (much to Amanda’s chagrin!)

Rear view
Side view 

Now, as you can imagine, being locked up in a stall can cause all sorts of mental fractures.  Here are a few pics of poor Jellybean having her day in the hurrr duuurrrrr  zone of stall life.

HEY!  HAY?  HAY?!?!
I am sooo  Emo right now…
Rawr!!!  I am pony give me hay!

Derp derp derp….   that is all.

I hope you enjoy this installment of better barns and stalls.  Tune in next time as we tour the great stalls of other famous horses.


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