Goals and Dreams

     Lately I have been revamping my schedule and trying to understand how I can be more productive. Now some of you that know me might say, Amanda, when do you ever take a break? And while that may be true, I think I can optimize my schedule and have time for some of this elusive relaxation of which Robert is always dreaming. So while I have been trying to become more productive at work (which is about five more blog entries), I also want to apply this to my barn time.

     Now the first step of optimization is identifying weak areas. My biggest challenge with riding currently is having a goal. Especially when it comes to Jellybean. I need a time schedule and I need planned exercises to stay on track. Aka Step One. Now when riding other horses, I have a similar problem. This is usually negated by riding school horses, who more often then not, simply need a confident rider to make them do. My other challenge is fitness. I need to work on strengthening my back and legs. This has been especially obvious during the recent jumping sessions.

     With the major problem identified, I guess I need to get started. So onto the Jellybean plan! With last weeks setback in mind, I want to get a regular schedule in place, no excuses. Jellybean is going to be my horse for a long (!) time and I don’t want to skimp now. So, we will be riding twice weekly, and having a ground work lesson one more day. So three days a week to get going. Now for the short lesson plan!

Week Review Learn Push Other
One W/T/C round pen Going forward with kick No person Introduce Side Reins
Two Moving off leg W/T under saddle Back up Long lining W/T/C
Three W/T directions Introduce canter Canter! Lunge over xrails
Four W/T/C W/T cutting pen W/T/C cutting pen Lunge Transitions
Five W/T cutting pen W/T/C cutting pen Transitions Side reins
Six W/T/C cutting pen W/T/C directions Transitions/directions ???

     Now this is exceptionally optimistic, but I think its time to be optimistic. I have been moving very slowly with Jellybean, and she has oscillated between boredom and over reactive. She needs more consistency, and I cannot commit to working her everyday. By the way, I forgot to mention, she is still growing! She was 14.2 1/2 and 800 lbs last time I measured her. And it looks like her chest is starting to widen. 

     I titled this post, Goals and Dreams, and I want to address the latter of those. Jellybean is somewhat of a dream for me to have. I always wanted my own horse. And sometimes it was hard watching others have their own horses while I hoped to have a school horse to ride. But I think everything worked out for me in the end. Jellybean is a great horse and we are going to do some great things. So, what are those things? For your convenience I present: a list (which also works out to a horsey bucket list of sorts).

  1. Event. Maybe as high as novice.
  2. Learn reining. Maybe not show quality, but be able to execute the necessary movements.
  3. Tempi changes. Because why not?
  4. Long distance trail ride
     I guess those jump quickest to my mind. In any case, the goal is really to be an all around rider. And do a little bit of everything 🙂 
Byron, our newest addition

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