Playing in the pasture

     Jellybean spent a few days in her stall lately, so Sunday I made sure she got outside to play in the cooler weather. Jellybean had fun playing all day long, and when I got back yesterday evening, some of the other instructors were jumping their horses through a gymnastics exercise. During a break from their practicing, I spent some time playing with Jellybean.

     We are trying to develop a “chase” game, where I run at Jellybean and she runs, then I turn around and run away from her and she chases me. I like to make it interesting, and try to convince her to jump over small crossrails, but Jellybean is much too smart for this. She even took it a step further and plopped her nose between the crossrail and starting eating some of the grass there… guess she didn’t want any of my stupid jumping.


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