A Little Hiccup

     So most of the stories I have related are centered around something interesting Jellybean has done, and many of the stories are a celebration of something Jellybean has accomplished. Sometimes I relate the more interesting and dangerous things Jellybean decides to do. Today is one if the more challenging days.

     So today I got out to the barn around five and decided to ride Jellybean. Normally my handsome assistant is available to help me mount and lunge Jellybean, but today I enlisted the help of a substitute. This was very important, because Jellybean was found in her stall. Where she had been standing for over 24 hours. As you may imagine, she was probably ready to go run around and flirt with her many admirers. Another important factor in this evenings activities was the weather. We have started the cold front time of year, which is to say every week the weather gets rainy and windy and drops a few degrees. Many of you know cooler weather gives horses and energy boost. 

     So there I was tacking Jellybean up, trying to get her to focus long enough for me to cinch the saddle. She was decidedly unimpressed with my attempts to bridle her, and she promptly clenched her teeth and lips and backed into a corner in the stall. Unfortunately for Jelly, I am persistent, and I managed to get her all tacked up. We walked out to the arena and started the lunging portion of our workout. Jellybean was ready to go, and she showed off with a bit of athletics. I don’t want to call it a buck, but she arched her back and jumped along with a canter-like stride as I pushed her forward. One of the occasional barn dogs was assisting with this annoying action, and I tried to shoo her so Jellybean would focus. 

    Of course, all horses favor one side or another, so when we lunged in the other direction she paid close attention to my commands. Then it was time to get on. I forgot my helmet in the tack room, so Jeannette ponied Jellybean around on Panda while I grabbed my dressage whip. She helped me mount and we were off! Tricked you! We didn’t gallop off into the sunset, just walked off. Jellybean and I followed Panda around for quite some time, until a lesson was started in the same arena. Then Jellybean got bored and started spooking at the far gate.

     So I started out this blog talking about some naughty action, and here it is! Jellybean shimied away from the gate a couple of times, then decided the other direction was completely unavailable. Then she trotted off and did her popping/bucking/jumping thing while I was sitting there on her back. Boom! “Bucking” under saddle. 

     Jellybean continued walking another round of two and we were done. I think this is a sign that 1) Jellybean must be entertained and 2) I shouldn’t ride the baby horse in a lot of chaos. Hopefully we will continue the up and up, and being trotting in the cutting pen soon.


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