I have been promoted!

Hey guys!   I figured out how to blog from this awesome little smart phone Amanda gave me to tweet with!

Yeah, its me Jellybean.  I thought I would tell you about the promotion I got last week.

Amanda has been riding me once or twice a week for about two months now.  She started out with Robert telling me what to do while she kicked me and pulled on my mouth…  I guess she wanted me to follow her lead because she stopped kicking and pulling when I went certain directions.  Oh well,  I am a smart pony and I know who feeds me yummy hay and grain.  I will continue to humor her.

So, anyway, we have been doing all this work in the tiny fenced area they call the round pen…  it really sucks because I have to keep turning in circles!   it makes my legs and back sore from all that extra work. Last week though, I got promoted.  I guess Amanda finally believed I knew what her little kicks and tugs meant.  She took be over to the medium fenced area and let me walk around out there.  It was great!   So much easier to walk in straight lines and actually MOVE instead of those silly circles.

All she let me do was walk though.  Maybe she still thinks I am going to try something funny if she tries to trot in the bigger space.  I can’t wait for her to let me trot and canter.  It will be so great to work with Amanda on jumping when I get older.

Cash, my boyfriend, tells me all about these jumps in the pasture and how Jeannette lets him jump over them…  I hope Amanda will let me show her how well I can jump.  I keep trying to show her I am ready by jumping out of the pasture but, that only earns a scolding…  All of my friends look so pretty and dignified when they jump.  

One day I will jump big jumps and look pretty too…

talk to you again soon!


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