And they’re off…

     Well the beginning of the school year has taken off at 100mph. Rob and I have been very busy with research and teaching, and so the updates have been slower. Have no fear, Jellybean is still participating in photoshoots 😉

     One of the other instructors at the farm (who writes another blog: has been working on a photography class and taken some more pretty pictures of Jellybean:

Thinking about pony things…
Photo credit: Jeannette Bayer

I’m sad because I don’t see my boyfriend 😦
Photo credit: Jeannette Bayer

     When Jellybean isn’t posing for photos, she has been running around in the pasture with some new friends: Sophie, Scooter, and Simon. They get her sufficiently engaged for our lessons. I rode Jellybean on Sunday. Despite being turned out all day, she was not very engaged in our lesson, and seemed more interested in galloping around. 

     When she started paying attention to cues again, I climbed on from the fence and we reviewed walking/turning/stopping before moving on to trot around the round pen three times in each direction. Then Robert walked out of the arena, and we worked on walking and turning and stopping without the extra cue from Robert. Jellybean has not connected the dots between squeezing/kicking and moving forward. I jabbed her with my heels until she moved and then immediately relaxed, but that didn’t yield serious results. I changed tracks and tried to turn her head and help her move her feet that way, but she demonstrated that she is great at stretching her neck… I will continue brainstorming this situation.


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