Soap and Water and Sweat

     Lately it has been hot. Even by Texas standards. Jellybean has been coming in from turnout a little bit salty. I decided the time was ripe for a bath. We have sprayed her off several times, but she has never had the full treatment. I collected Jellybean from turnout after we tried to play a game. Since there are jumps set up in the field, I tried to convince Jellybean she wanted to run over them with me. She followed me when I ran away, but she ran away from the jump and walked around 😦 Sometime later…

     Anyway, we were tied in the wash “pit” and I just soaped her up, rinsed, conditioned, and repeated on both sides and tail. Then I took a sponge to her face and rinsed off some of the sweat from her ears and face. She was not a fan of the wet sponge on her ears, I will have to keep working on that. She ended up pretty clean and shiny!

Why are you taking pictures of me wet?!

     As I was cleaning Jellybean off, I noticed the cutest little patches of black skin instead of pink skin on her socks:

     After all the trauma, Jellybean finished up another great day with dinner and her fan. I did check her weight again, and she seems to have gained about 100 pounds, to weigh 750ish now. I also checked her height, and came up with 14.3hh, which is different then what I told you last time. We will triple check the height sometime soon and get back to you.

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