Adventures in Center, TX

     So Sunday I was asked to tag along on an adventure to pick up a horse with a friend. Since I was looking at a 5 hour minimum road trip, I decided this would be a great new torture for Jellybean. So I told her we were going to a trip, and walked her up to the trailer. She wasn’t especially eager to get in, but she didn’t offer any resistance at all. She sniffed the shavings then walked right in 🙂

There is so much room for activities!
My eye is sticky 😦

     About 3 hours later, we arrived at the location to pick up the other horse. I unloaded Jellybean and offered her some water while I waited for the other horse to be loaded. She wasn’t interested in the water, but she did enjoy the grass field where we were hanging out. We nibbled some hay while the rest of the team worked on the other horse. Jellybean was completely happy to just hang out. Eventually I needed to help with the other horse, and I tied Jellybean to the trailer to hang out. She was also a champ then, hanging out. I also appreciated how much she likes me, since she would perk up and call to me whenever I walked around the trailer. 

Bored here…

Look how cute I look!

     Eventually, we got the other horse loaded and then started to convince Jellybean to get on the trailer. We loaded the other horse on the right side of the trailer, and Jellybean had to walk up beside him to stand on the left side of the trailer. She wasn’t too sure about walking so close to another horse (she doesn’t always play well with others), but with a little encouragement from the team, she walked on after a few minutes. I tossed the lead rope out the window, and scooted out between the two horse butts before they decided to try and meet each other!

He smells funny

Are we home yet?

     When we made it home, Jellybean was ready to get off the trailer and have some dinner. We tried to let the other horse back off the trailer, but he wasn’t buying it and he just kind of stood there with the lead rope around his neck while Jellybean turned her butt into his face. And then kicked at him. Unfortunately for Jelly, the trailer was hard steel, and it probably hurt her foot more than the trailer. Then the other guy got the message and rolled out. Jellybean then showed how grown up she was (again!!) and backed right off the trailer in the dark. She definitely got bonus hay.

     I promise the riding video is coming 😉


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