Supervised Turnout

     Jellybean has been enjoying her weekly session of riding, but in the mean time… What has she been up to? Well each evening when I am doing other barn chores, she has been turned out into a small paddock beside the riding arena. Another girl at the barn has been turning her horse, Simon, out as well. Jellybean likes Simon and acts a little bit scandalous with him. They have been gallivanting around and chasing each other with a fair amount of high pitched squeals. But hes a gelding and there is nothing that can get out of hand.

I can almost taste some grass!!

A little bit of room to run around 🙂

     She did really enjoy meeting the cows. Some of the other boarders keep calves at the farm, and they were practicing their roping. Part of that involves moving the calves through the paddock in which Jellybean was located. She was very interested in the calves and bossed them around. She seemed to like chasing things. I was very excited to see her bossing calves instead of children… I also love how curious and unafraid she is 🙂

     Real training session tomorrow, I hope Jellybean is prepared!


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