Back Home with Presents!

I finally made it home, much to Jellybean’s chagrin or joy, depending on your perspective. She was ornery and didn’t really want to come stand so I could look at her, especially since it was interfering with dinner! While I was in NC I got some presents for Jellybean! She got her new halter in addition to some really swanky new boots! She also got a set of splint boots not pictured. Jellybean has never worn boots, although she had a brief time in standing wraps. She took a few minutes to get settled in, looking like a cat with tape on her paws! Unfortunately I did not get any photos, but needless to say, it was hilarious. 

I feel so awkward!!

Hey Cowboy! You’re looking good today 😉

Hey Chocolaté! Leave me alone Mom!!

She spent some time in the round pen, playing around and galloping awkwardly before she finally chilled out and went back to her dinner. This is just the beginning *muhahaha*


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