lunging a pony and taking showers

Hi All!  Amanda is gone for one more day so I thought I would help you pass the time with some more photos and an update!

Jellybean and I have developed a real horse to human relationship.  over the course of Amanda’s abandonment of her two favorite animals we have really bonded well.   Jellybean no longer kicks or bites at me.  She also has learned that while I may not be the alpha of her herd I am certainly higher than she is.   We have had lots of fun experiences while Amanda was out.  Here is another pic of her in her saddle getting ready to work in the round pen.

Hey dad!  There is grass over here
However, I am never satisfied that she earned her dinner until we do something new.   So, Jellybean got a shower yesterday too!   Now mind you, she does NOT like water so this is a big step for her.  
have you no decency?
I even managed to convince her a spray in the face was not going to be the death of her.  I did not press my luck though.  She got squeeged dry and put back in a nice clean stall with copious hay, grain and, water.  Very pleased pony.
Also, she got weight taped on Sunday.  In the past two weeks she has put on some poundage!  she gained 40 pounds since we upped her feed and she now unofficially stands between 15.1 and 15.2 hands high.  I think she has a few more inches in her as she is still a bit taller in the back end than the front.
Happy Wednesday and I hope you are enjoying the antics while Amanda is out.

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