Jellybean is missing mom!

I think Jellybean is really missing Amanda.  I am going to be the slave driver apparently. I have been making her work for her dinner.

Today Jellybean and I played a little dress up game.

                                        Look at my pretty clothes!

She waited and didn’t fidget at all while I put the saddle pad and saddle on her.  Such a good pony.  One thing she did NOT like was cinching the girth.  while I was trying to cinch it she got very wiggly but still did nothing bad, no biting, no ear pinning, and most important no stomping or kicking.

I then made her work for dinner and lunged her on the line for about 20 minutes.   She is doing very well at listening for voice commands to walk, trot and, canter for transitions up and down.

Just to show we did actual work today:

                             Dad!!!!!  No pictures!   I am SOOO  sweaty!

I felt kind of bad making her work so hard so I gave her 3 flakes of hay, a full scoop of normal grain and a half scoop of alfalfa pellets.   I scrubbed her water bucket and gave her nice cool clean water.  When I left she was a very content little pony.


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