While the cat is away….

The mice will play!

Amanda is out of town on vacation and left me in charge of Jellybean again.

When I got to the barn yesterday Jellybean was so happy to see me.  She even pinned her ears at me to show how much she missed me.   We have been working on getting her to respect me as a human so I haltered her and took her out to the wash pit for some grooming.

This is where she did really well.  She allowed me to brush her down and pick her hooves with not a single kick or ear pinning.  I think we are on our way to a mutual understanding of who is in charge and who is the horse.

Next I took her out to the round pen to work on her voice command transitions.  She did well considering she was in the stall all day.  After some trotting and cantering she finally remembered that quarter horses are supposed to be lazy and she would walk on command.  We worked both sides, circle left and circle right and by the end of our 20 minute session she was just starting to sweat.  We walked for awhile to cool down and then she got grain, hay and, water.   She was a very happy pony.


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