Striking while the Iron is Hot!

     So yesterday was just another one hundred degree day at the barn… And for some reason I decided it would be fun to go out after lunch, since my science failed for the day. What a mistake! I cleaned out Jellybean’s stall while she socialized with her boyfriends. She is Cash’s girl, but sometimes other guys try to make a pass. Marvel was trying to get fresh with Jellybean, and Cash lost his marbles. They had some rearing and pawing, then Cash kicked Marvel, hard, in the chest. Marvel walked away, defeated. 

     After stall cleaning time (about 230pm) I grabbed Jellybean and we went to the round pen to work a little bit and try to get the fluid moving, as her back legs were stocked up. We worked on walk, trot, canter transitions with voice commands. Then I kidnapped Jeanneatte (who writes 14 Hands and Counting) and she helped me ride Jellybean again. We completed the same exercise as yesterday, I slide on from the fence then we walk one round of the round pen before I get off and repeat from the other side. In case you are wondering, Jellybean is still not herself from the Rabies. I expect she will be much better today and tomorrow. Maybe she will even feel fiesty again…

     Speaking of feeling fiesty again, I am reminded of a food dilemma  Jellybean is still sitting under 700 pounds. She is definitely in that awkward teenager stage constantly growning, and I want to make sure she gets enough calories. She is currently eating two scoops (six pounds) of 12-8 pellets per day plus about four flakes of coastal hay. She also gets about a cup of canola/corn oil and about an ounce of Red Cell per day. She is barely on the threshold of light work, and she’s supposed to be a quarter horse!! I thought they just breathed air to be fat… 

     I am considering adding some weight gain or rice bran to her feed but I want to see how the teeth float affected her eating efficiency. I’ll keep you posted.


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