The Dentist Comes for Jellybean

Yesterday was a big day at the farm.  The vet came out for annual vaccinations, coggins tests, and dental work!   All of this before noon!  Jellybean’s normal wake up time.

Jellybean needed all of her vaccinations and dental work.  She had a rough morning and it was not made any easier with her being an obtuse and unfriendly mare to the vets.

They started by trying to take her vitals.  Normally this would be as easy as a stethoscope and a thermometer but, Jellybean had her own mind about these things and decided to try cow kicking at everyone in her stall.  The vets were good though, no twitching and no sedation to get the vitals, just patience and perseverance.  Then came the sedative for her dental work.  I timed it from injection to stoned pony…  only 45 seconds for the drugs to kick in.

Alright, enough bring stuff.  Show you the pictures right?  Well, she had to have her teeth floated and two wolf teeth removed. (little teeth that reside in the gap where the bit would sit.) So they used a speculum to hold her mouth open.

Somehow we ended up with a bionic pony!   Bigger, stronger, faster than before!  oh! and she can now chew through metal!   Nah, that is the cool little device they used to open her mouth…  But it sure looks funny.

As you can tell she is pretty much out of it from the drugs so she is being a REALLY good pony.  They actually let me in the stall to take pictures of this, so what did I do?  I stuck my phone right up in her mouth and took a picture.  Say hello to Jellybean’s molars.

Huuuuurrrrr  duuuuuurrrrrr.  My mouth is big!  Believe me these are going to be blackmail photos when she finds out about them. So they had the device ready and then they began floating her teeth.  This was way cooler than I thought!  The vet used a power drill with a grinder wheel on it.  Here is your video:

My apologies for the quality.  If this kind of stuff keeps happening around the farm I may have to upgrade to a fancy verizon smart phone with a better camera.

After the teeth float the vet extracted her wolf teeth.  I don’t have any pictures of that since it was deep in her mouth and I got kicked out of the stall.  After all of this indignity suffered by Jellybean the anticlimax to the day were the vaccinations shots.

The vets packed up all their tools and pokey things and moved on to the next horse.  I walked over to Jellybean and she was still rather out of it on the drugs.  Her ears were forward and she even had some will to nip at me.  I knew she was fine.

She may be sore and stiff for the next few days but, she has no idea what awaits her now that she can be bridled without the pain of wolf teeth.  Enjoy your rest Jellybean….   there is work ahead for you.  muahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!


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