Jellybean as a flirt?!

     Jellybean was being naughty yesterday. First we had a talk after she was making eyes at the other horses across the fence [I’m looking at you Cash!]

photo credit: Jeannette Bayer
     Even after our talk, she would still make eyes through the fence at the other horses… Well yesterday I put all that behind me and decided to let Jellybean explore the cutting pen next to her paddock a little. There is currently a few breezy shrubs growing and a low spot currently filled with water, I thought these might be good opportunities for Jellybean to explore. However, she had other plans! There are several horses stalled along the arena, a yearling palomino that was recently gelded, a one eyed old gelding, and a stallion. Jellybean went strutting past each of the stalls, sniffing at the stallion and even flirting with the palamino! She pawed at the ground and tossed her head, teasing him for being in a stall! I am a tad ashamed that she was flaunting herself! During the entire incident, Peanut Butter was calling for Jellybean, because she was sooo far away… In any case, looks like Jellybean is ready for a more intense version of “the talk”


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