Back to training!

     Since I am now free of my pressing obligations, its back to training for Jellybean! No good  pictures of training from today, just some early morning napping. When we came back for the afternoon, I worked with Jellybean on the lunge line while Robert rode Ginger, Last time I put Jellybean on the line, she just galloped around and didn’t pay attention to me. So today, we just walked into the arena and went back to the basics. If she ran off, I told her to whoa as I pulled her circles smaller. Then when she walked, I let her have her space and relax. By the end of the lesson, she was walking and trotting on the lunge line with good transitions. Next time we will build on this. 
     We had another lesson as well, with some evil water puddles! Once again, I tried to walk her through a (much shallower) puddle and she was very uninterested. So we stood there for a long time, waiting on her to decide it was ok. After a long time, we eventually stopped when she stood with her front feet in the water. I think walking through a puddle every few days would be a useful exercise. Hopefully she can chill out.

     In any case, enjoy some pictures of napping ponies:

I love napping in my food!

You caught me napping!

What are you looking at?


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