I’m starting to think we might drown…

     Just another day in the rain. Can you guess which pony stayed in the shelter and which one didn’t?

Which one is wetter?

On the right 😦

But both wet on this side!


Jellybean is bored

     Jellybean has been enjoying the lull in activity, but she doesn’t know what is coming. The vet will be coming out in the next week or so, and Jellybean will have two wolf teeth pulled! She’s going to be sedated and an unhappy pony. Then shes going to start being bridled, even worse!

This face doesn’t see it coming…

Back to training!

     Since I am now free of my pressing obligations, its back to training for Jellybean! No good  pictures of training from today, just some early morning napping. When we came back for the afternoon, I worked with Jellybean on the lunge line while Robert rode Ginger, Last time I put Jellybean on the line, she just galloped around and didn’t pay attention to me. So today, we just walked into the arena and went back to the basics. If she ran off, I told her to whoa as I pulled her circles smaller. Then when she walked, I let her have her space and relax. By the end of the lesson, she was walking and trotting on the lunge line with good transitions. Next time we will build on this. 
     We had another lesson as well, with some evil water puddles! Once again, I tried to walk her through a (much shallower) puddle and she was very uninterested. So we stood there for a long time, waiting on her to decide it was ok. After a long time, we eventually stopped when she stood with her front feet in the water. I think walking through a puddle every few days would be a useful exercise. Hopefully she can chill out.

     In any case, enjoy some pictures of napping ponies:

I love napping in my food!

You caught me napping!

What are you looking at?

Sorry for the Delay

     Sorry for the delay in posting to the blog, I have been really busy with work/school and have not ridden much lately. The girls are doing well though, munching at their round bale of hay and wandering around their paddock. The monsoon last week too awhile to clear up, but they are now back to dirt instead of mud. Looks like they will be getting a visit from the vet soon, once I have confirmation of completion of the first year. Jellybean is due for wolf teeth removal, and they both get shots! I’m going to combine the farm call with a few other girls, and hopefully save a few dollars. 

Rain rain rain!

     So we got caught in an afternoon thunderstorm, and got to watch the drama with the new shelter. Peanut Butter felt the rain coming and immediately took over the shelter. She stood in the middle of the shelter surveying her kingdom as Jellybean tried to sneak on without Peanut Butter noticing. As you can imagine, Jellybean was run out several times before she managed to get everything but her butt inside.

     So they were just standing there, when it started hailing a bit. Well the roof of the shed is tin… they ran out to the rain and were immediately hit with hail!! They walked around for a minute, checking out their new swimming pool, before returning to the corner of the shed. They huddled there

     You can just barely see Jellybean’s face beside Peanut Butter.

New Home

     Jellybean and Peanut Butter moved into their new home yesterday afternoon, after a little sweat from Robert and I. They now have a paddock with a shelter and a tree, that is large enough to run around! Soon they will even have a round bale to munch on constantly. Just in time for me to see them a little less until my first year exams are over. Later this month they are going to be upset when I call the vet out for them…