Rain, rain, grow the grass!

     Not too much happening at the farm this week, as the rain is trying to fall from the sky. Here in Texas, this is a challenge apparently. The humidity has been sitting here for the last week with limited rain falling from the sky. In any case, the girls are enjoying extra hay while they are stuck in the stall away from the mud. 
     As far as recent work with Jellybean, she has been enjoying a bit of a break, with the exception of some practice in patience. She has been standing tied beside the arena when I ride another horse. I am very pleased that she seems ok with this, limited pawing and calling for others. Jellybean is a fairly independent little pony, which make me very excited for her future training. Training is going to continue to move slow, however, because little Jelly is growing like crazy!! Unfortunately this picture doesn’t do it justice, but when I first purchased her, she was between 14.1 and 14.2, now she is up to 15 hands. Looking at these pictures, it looks like she is changing from a child to a teenager 🙂


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