Not pleased…

     Jellybean had another bad day today. When I pulled her in from the pasture, she was unhappy to learn that not only was she getting another shot, but she was getting her feet trimmed. The shot went pretty well, she wasn’t happy to see Juan, but she did manage to eat the treats enough to distract her. The trimming was a different story.
     I really didn’t like the way the other farrier treated Jellybean, he never gave her a chance to do right, in addition to charging an arm and a leg. Luckily, another guy at the barn, Jose, offered to do some trimming. Jellybean was in a bad bad mood after her shot, she tried kicking and biting Jose. She was the worst I have ever seen her for sure. He was so patient, and eventually got down and picked up her feet. We think she was terrified about getting another shot. He was excellent! He was patient about getting her feet and quick and thorough. No tricks or gimmicks, just old fashioned knowing about horses. 
     Jellybean was so mad when she got back to her stall, she knocked her full water bucket over in the stall as a storm was coming (I know, best time to give a baby a shot and trim her). Either way, I need to man up and try giving her the shot tomorrow. 5 more days of penicillin…


Guest Post: Jellybean (The Penicillin Chronicles)

     Whew. What a crazy weekend! The people left on Saturday morning without even saying bye… something about massages or birthdays. Peanut Butter and I played chicken through the wire, but otherwise just hung out in the stall all day. Mr. Juan fed us that night and the next morning since the people were still gone. 
     I was excited when the people came back Sunday, what a mistake!! Amanda got me out of the stall and brushed me, which was fine, but then she and Mr. Juan started petting me. I felt a sting in my neck, but it was just a fly and I kept eating treats from Amanda. Then Mr. Juan came up on my right side… I don’t like how his hands were purple. And he smelled funny!! I was almost ok with it, but Amanda was teasing me with a treat. I finally got the treat and bit down, but it didn’t crunch like it normally does. Then I felt another sting and moved away from it!
     Jeez. Then I saw this big pointy thing coming at my neck!! I tried to run away again, but I was tied. Amanda untied me and then something was buzzing around my leg. It was a bee!! I was trying to kick at it, and Robert came up to me and tried to spray some horse killer spray on my legs!!! What was going on?! He kept trying to spray me with that stuff while I was trying to kick the bee, so I kicked the spray and knocked it out of his hand. I still like him, I hope he isn’t too mad at me for kicking near him. 
     The bee wouldn’t go away, so Amanda walked me around more until it finally pulled away. Then we walked over beside the barn. Mr. Juan came up to me with scary smelling purple hands again!!! I almost ran Amanda over when he scared me, but she reminded me that I shouldn’t do that. We went to the round pen and I ran around in the mud for a few minutes and started playing with the other horses.
     I thought we would just have dinner then, but Amanda brought me back over to Mr. Juan again! I was worried he was going to stick me with those awful gloves again, but he just petted me. Ok. Maybe the gloves aren’t so scary! And here comes Robert with more treats! Yay apple treats! Ow! Stupid bee is back at my neck. Treats, treats, treats. 

     So that was yesterday, and what a mess! Today I feel a little bit better, and my nose isn’t running and goopy. Now if only dinner time would get here I can hopefully sneak out to play!

Busy Week (And the last week of classes)

     Busy week! The girls have been getting excited about moving into their new home. Soon, they will be moving into a paddock with a shed instead of living in their stalls and getting turned out. Hopefully this will make them happier by being outside all the time, and me happier by saving money on hay 🙂
     Earlier this week I worked with Jellybean on ground driving while under saddle.


Fixing the reins

Turn turn turn!


Pay Attention…

Hey! Over here


I thought I could drive her at the trot, but I am not quick enough. This video is for your entertainment, as I am almost getting drug around the arena 🙂
     The other event occurring this week was Peanut Butter’s birthday!! She turned 14 on the 24th of April. Robert made her a hat so she could feel like she was celebrating; I think she loved it!

More mundane health care

     Seems like everything always breaks at once. Jellybean hurt herself last week, and now Peanut Butter has developed some kind of fungus on her hind legs. As least they look healthy in the pasture.

     So now we get to pour iodine all over the rash. Tomorrow, I will get some fungicide and wash her back legs really well. Luckily Jellybean has not developed this rash yet. Her leg is not showing any improvement with the DMSO and the standing wraps, so it looks like we’ll just see what happens with her bones. It should be a cosmetic issue, and its placed such that it will not impede her movement. 


     Today was an exciting day for the girls. They were both exercised and got to spend some time at the riding arena. Jellybean was first up, we went to the round pen to stretch out. Friday or Saturday, Jellybean knocked the side of her front leg hard against the metal bar in her stall. I noticed Sunday she had a large knot on the front of her leg. It looks like she has a shin splint, which is a cosmetic injury. Maggie suggested it would heal over time. The internet tells me that I can also add DMSO and wrap her leg to improve circulation and accelerate healing.
     So fast forward to today, I wanted to check to see if she was sore on her leg. She wasn’t off at all, we had a short leg stretching and saddled up. Jellybean then got to hang out by the arena for an hour or so. Tomorrow I will start the DMSO/wrapping, and she will get to stay in her stall for awhile. So sad. Hopefully the swelling will go down so she isn’t disfigured. Silly horse banging her leg.
     Peanut Butter had a good ride as well, were are working to build muscle and canter for longer periods of time. We have been practicing simple changes, and today I asked her if she would do some flying changes. She got the lead changing from right to left, but wasn’t as strong to pick up the left to right. More cantering will help her be stronger. She also has a chambon and lots of round-penning in her future. 

Rainy Day, again

     Today was a fun day for the girls. This morning, the temperature was a balmy 70 degrees, and the sky was partly cloudy. They were released from their stalls to frolic and play, celebrating with lots of bucking. However, the weather turned menacing in the late morning hours. The temperature dropped approximately twenty degrees in less than an hour as the rain poured from the sky. I imagine it was quite unpleasant in the pasture as a cold rain fell from the sky. 
     This afternoon I collected them from the pasture. Both girls were very opinionated and determined to run SOMEWHERE. Jellybean snuck away while I was closing the gate and would have run for the hills if a patch of green grass didn’t catch her attention. Peanut Butter was just as mischievous  although she decided to be very alert to her surroundings. I am still surprised she didn’t try to run away.
     Eventually I wrangled the girls into their house and gave them dinner and pity hay. Soon, they won’t have to worry about standing in the stalls all day. At the end of the month, a paddock will be coming available and they will have an outdoor home, 24/7. There is a shelter inside the paddock where they can hide from the rain, should they choose. We will be feeding them grain morning and evening, in addition to providing a round bale. They don’t know how good their lives will be.