Guest Post: Jellybean

I came across this blog one day, apparently my owner, Amanda, keeps it as a record of my “training.” I want to let you know, its not all fun and games like she keeps telling you. For example, this saddle thing. Why would I ever want to wear a saddle? Its hard and bounces around on my back. I have enough trouble getting away from all the meanies in that field she puts me in. If she tries to put that saddle on my back and put me in the field I might not be able to run away from Benny!! I have enough scratches where other horses bite me  :(.

I don’t like the field. Other horses are trouble. I had it good living with my mommy. I just got to eat and wander around. Now I have to be careful that I don’t eat hay near someone else or they will chase me off! I do like coming in for dinner though. Sometimes I try to get Amanda’s attention earlier by neighing at her. Then I get to be in my own little house and eat dinner. Sometimes Amanda tries to take my food, but mostly she just brushes me. I guess I am ok with that. 

I like having Amanda as my person, but its weird how she keeps playing with other horses. I watch her lead Knots and Benny past my field. She puts saddles on them and rides them around! I hope she doesn’t try to do that with me… 



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