More ponying!

     We had a short amount of time yesterday, and decided to let the girls have a little exercise. We turned them out in the arena, although they didn’t seem as cramped up as they pretended. After we ran them around a bit, I had Robert hand me up on Peanut Butter. We walked around for a bit, then caught Jellybean. I led Jellybean around while riding Peanut Butter and it was a success. No grumpy Peanut Butter, and Jellybean was fairly mindful. I was able to pull her without much trouble. Good progress 🙂


Ponying the baby

Today was a short day for Jellybean, she got to work in the round pen for a few minutes before being taken to the arena to work directly with Peanut Butter. Jellybean was already familiar with the idea of ponying, she was led around on Benny previously. She remembered too, she was quick to relax and follow. Peanut Butter was a tad more fierce, she didn’t understand why Jellybean was ignoring her body language. She actually kicked Jellybean, which didn’t upset Jellybean at all…. In any case, Peanut Butter calmed down and figured out that she just had to tolerate Jellybean being close. At the end, solid lesson for both girls.

She doesn’t look too happy in this one…
Everyone working together 🙂

I would also like to draw attention to how tall Jellybean is getting, Peanut Butter is 16.2ish, and Jellybean is 15ish. Getting bigger 🙂

New Friends!

     Jellybean now has a sister. We purchased Ginger (to be called Peanut Butter) this week. She is a 13 year old 16.2hh Belgian/TB. Robert will be primarily riding her, although I will also be schooling her until she gets back into shape. The girls are stalled beside one another, and Peanut Butter has taken a shine to Jellybean. She is very possessive of her in the pasture. More pictures to come soon 🙂

On another note, if anyone is having trouble seeing the videos of Jellybean’s training, or wants to see some videos of Peanut Butter, check out my youtube channel, where I have some videos uploaded.

More Saddle Training, and some patience!

     Jellybean has been excellent this week, especially patient with Ginger as she gets settled into the farm! Thursday night she got some attention of her own! I brought her into the round pen and saddled her up, then lunged her. She did try a very half-hearted buck/jump, but other than that she was resigned to her lot in life! She is such a cutie, and seems excited about doing something.
Bleh. Saddle work isn’t fun!

  After our round pen work, we walked over to the arena and hung out for awhile. Jellybean was a perfect lady!

Is this my good side?

This one is better, obviously

Bored. Can we do something else now?

Morning Naps

This morning I went out to the barn to throw some hay to our visitor, Ginger, and found Jellybean sleeping! Not only was she sleeping, but there was a full pan on breakfast and two flakes of hay sitting uneaten! What a princesss! Obviously she wakes on her own schedule… She did let me pet her before she got up 🙂
What are you doing here?

Farrier again!

     Jellybean got a pedicure this morning. She came out of the pasture to stand in the cross ties and get her feet trimmed. 

Long, flared toes!

She was moderate on the monster scale, she doesn’t like the farrier at all. Unfortunately she just needs to get over her dislike… gotta have good feet!

My toes are gone!