Saddlin’ Up

     Jellybean tried on some new clothes today! I put a saddle and bridle on Jellybean and worked her in the round pen for a bit. She didn’t have a big problem with the saddle, she was just a little bit confused about why there was a bunch of smelly leather on her back. 

     She let me put the blanket on her back with no problem and then let me put the saddle up! She wasn’t very interested in me at all, she keep wandering around the pen while I tried to cinch up the saddle. Eventually I got it cinched up, and she followed me around the pen for awhile. 

     When I started to move her out, she walked and trotted calmly around. When we changed directions, she was a little less interested and even popped up a little. She jumped straight up and tried to get rid of the saddle, but of course the saddle was attached 🙂

     Since this lesson was a success, we will try to build on this next time. We will remind Jellybean about the long lining exercise, then the saddling. Eventually we will combine the two and then add a person! Once Jellybean gets her wolf teeth pulled, we will start bridling.

     SO EXCITING! Pictures next time!


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