Stall pictures

     Jellybean has been getting used to her new stall this week and adjusting to her new schedule. She has breakfast in the morning, and then gets turned out into the pasture with “those other horses” (She’s very anti social). In the evenings I work with her, feed her, then leave her inside for the night. 

     I am going to keep monitoring her attitude, she has been very aggressive this week. This is either because she has been getting double 12% feed, she has been burning less energy by standing in a stall, or she’s in heat. Either way, food is good, and I can always cut her down before we start breaking her. 

     Jellybean’s stall is about 12×12 with shavings. She seems to be a neat stall horse, doing her business along one side of the stall. The stall was previously vacant, and once the shavings come in I will strip and rebed.

What are you looking at?

It’s so awkward when someone takes pictures of you eating…



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