Saddling Up!

     Today was a beautiful day for some Jellybean time! I grabbed her from the pasture and groomed her for awhile, even combing out her tail. She was very good about being patient, no pawing and limited tail swishing. After she was shiny and pretty, I checked her height and weight for an update. She is officially 15hh and about 680lbs. Not too shabby! She has gained back her lost weight and will hopefully keep piling on more. 

I’m bored. Where did you go??

     While we were waiting for the round pen, we trotted in hand through the big arena. Since there was a cavaletti out, we walked and trotted over the ground pole. Jellybean was a little bit bossy at the trot in hand, but she wasn’t very serious about pushing me around. She trotted over the pole like a champ, just taking everything in stride. 

     Back to the round pen, Robert lunged her around to focus her mind for a few minutes, then I saddled her up. She wasn’t interested in much, other than the grass she was trying to eat. She didn’t even mind when I cinched her up. When she was secure, Robert lunged her around until she was calming going at all gaits in both directions. She is so smart, this only took about 10-15 minutes 🙂

This video shows her first few rounds with the saddle.
Look how calm I am!

Jellybean is an awesome horse!

     Next time, we will review the long lining, then add the saddle to the mix!


Late nights

     Jellybean has been a good sport this week. Work has been busier than normal, and I haven’t been able to work with her. She is very happy to see me at dinner time, I just call her name and she neighs and runs over. Her weight is looking much better, and next time I hope to report her gaining at least fifty pounds!

Rain again!

     Wednesday was supposed to be a training day, but unfortunately it was rainy and chilly. Jellybean was very snug after staying inside, so I fed her and hung out for awhile. We spent some time dealing with her attitude, and I hope it will continue to improve. I noticed she is gaining a little bit of weight, I cannot feel her ribs by rubbing lightly over her side. Yay! Now we just need to keep up this eating thing 🙂 She also got a new water tub, because her five gallon bucket was not enough. She was confused at first why there was a giant blue bucket in her stall, but she figured it out. 

     Next time we have a training session I want to review the saddle and work with it on for longer, potentially letting her wait tied while I ride another horse. I also want to start working her over trot poles, so she can be more mindful of her feet. Robert made some cavaletti last weekend, and I think these would be a good place to start.

Looking like a boss 🙂

Saddlin’ Up

     Jellybean tried on some new clothes today! I put a saddle and bridle on Jellybean and worked her in the round pen for a bit. She didn’t have a big problem with the saddle, she was just a little bit confused about why there was a bunch of smelly leather on her back. 

     She let me put the blanket on her back with no problem and then let me put the saddle up! She wasn’t very interested in me at all, she keep wandering around the pen while I tried to cinch up the saddle. Eventually I got it cinched up, and she followed me around the pen for awhile. 

     When I started to move her out, she walked and trotted calmly around. When we changed directions, she was a little less interested and even popped up a little. She jumped straight up and tried to get rid of the saddle, but of course the saddle was attached 🙂

     Since this lesson was a success, we will try to build on this next time. We will remind Jellybean about the long lining exercise, then the saddling. Eventually we will combine the two and then add a person! Once Jellybean gets her wolf teeth pulled, we will start bridling.

     SO EXCITING! Pictures next time!

New Neighbor

     Jellybean was slightly friendlier today, I hope this is a trend that continues. We worked in the round pen to burn some steam, since she didn’t go out today. At dinner time, she met a new next door stall neighbor! She decided she was much more interested in new horses than food.