Long Lining I

     So today we decided to take a few leaps forward in training and try out some new equipment. Maggie told me a strategy her mother and she used breaking babies previously. They own an old vaulting surcingle, and described a technique with two lunge lines and the surcingle. 

     Earlier last week, we tried on the surcingle and practiced moving around with this big annoying piece of equipment on Jellybean’s back. Today we reviewed the surcingle in the round pen and then practiced responding to pressure in hand. 

     Jellybean didn’t mind the lunging/surcingle ring, but when we were in the large arena she had a lot of trouble understanding the move forward cue. We took a step back, and started trying to learn to move forward in the round pen. She pawed the ground a bit before she figured out how to move forward. Then, BOOM. Jellybean was walking around the round pen in the rig and changing direction with my cues. 

     Next time we practice this exercise we will review in the round pen before moving out to the big arena! I am very excited about this exercise, because I love the idea of the horse already knowing how to turn and move prior to the saddling experience. And hopefully know how to stop 🙂 Until next time!

I’m not really sure how this was comfortable… Or how she didn’t fall over…


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