Pedicures and Coats!

    Lots of adventures at the barn today for poor Jellybean. The farrier came out today to trim her hooves. Unfortunately he was late, and I tied Jellybean up long before he arrived. Needless to say, her patience was all out when he showed up an hour and a half later. Luckily, she was mostly sweet for the first two feet, but by the last two she was full on bitch pony. Her tantrum reached a crescendo when she lunged at the farrier, teeth bared and ears flat. But the dog also bit her ankle at the same time… Not sure whether she decided she would kill the farrier or wanted to kill the dog. Either way, she has healthy trimmed feet.

Good looking back hooves!

     Jellybean entertained herself for most of the rest of the day, until I came back this afternoon! When I arrived, it was barn nap time (again) and I caught Benny taking a nap:

Leave me alone, I’m napping!

     After I rode Benny bareback in the cutting pen (whew legs!) I brought Jellybean back to the round pen and worked on bossing her around for a few minutes, getting her to walk and trot 3/4 or the round pen and then changing directions often. Next time I need to grab the whip, she doesn’t really care about the lead rope and I sense a challenge in the near future.

     The highlight of the day came when I decided to introduce her to the blanket. The weather has been meh, and I want to make sure she doesn’t mind the blanket if we get a real cold snap and rain and need to put it on. Anyway, we played in the round pen and sniffed the blanket Maggie was generous enough to lend me. Then when she was bored sniffing, I put the blanket on her back. She couldn’t have cared less. So I finished strapping her in and threw her in a stall to feed her. After dinner, she just let me slide the blanket off her rump. I was so pleased that she didn’t care! Maybe Samantha blanketed her at one point…

Look! It mostly fits and she doesn’t care 🙂
     Anyway, last appointment on the schedule. One more vet visit to finish out vaccinations and she’s finished. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and I can keep trying to stretch Jellybean’s world.


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