Change in the weather!

     Today was much nicer than the previous few days, although it was significantly colder. Jellybean seems pleased by the addition of the round bale to her pasture, and spends lots of time eating. She’s going to be fat soon 🙂 

     I groomed Jellybean today, and she is getting really smart about picking her feet up and enjoying being brushed. Except of course the other day, when she managed to back up and break her lead rope. Robert rigged it back together and hopefully it will be solid in the future. She also got her first experience up close and personal with the cows. They were lowing (?) at her while she was eating.

     Farrier appointment is all booked for Wednesday morning, hopefully the visit will be pretty boring and easy 🙂 We should start working more in the round pen as the weather drys out. I am also a little more excited to start riding Benny more and ponying Jellybean off him. Robert and I also decided to try and put together some caveletti, for some more fun exercises. 

    Now all we need is decent weather!


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