Swimming in the pasture…

     What a rainy day!! Again… You can almost see how the field is under water, rough day. Jellybean is on the right in the photos. She was excited about eating dinner.

     We had a short lesson about manners tonight, it was warm and windy in the field and Jellybean wasn’t sure about the other horses running around. She almost forgot I was attached to the other end of the halter…

     Over dinner we had another lesson about who is in charge. I ran her off her feed a couple of times, letting her return only when her ears perked forward. Eventually she will learn that I am completely in charge. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

     Before I let her go free, I decided to let her play in the mud a little, and tried to walk her through a deep puddle in the driveway. She didn’t buy it, so we compromised and walked through the shallow part. One day at a time i suppose. 

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