Welcome to the Farm!

     I finally bought my own horse!! Dusty Summer is a 1.5 year old quarter horse (grade) mare. She doesn’t know much about manners, but she is in good health (according to the vet bill) and should mature in the upper end of 15 hands. I tried to think of a good nickname, but my friends came up with one for me. Since Dusty Summer was only $300, they asked what was wrong with her. Apparently, a little research (via Bonanza) tells us that a good horse in the 60’s could be sold for that price. So did she have legs, or did she look like a jellybean? Naming was easy after that.

     Jellybean made it to farm safe and sound on Saturday, January 5th. She met her new pasture mates with minimal fuss, and then seemed sad to be left with horses instead of people. That first night, she had some reluctance to accept the halter, deciding eating leftover hay would be better than paying me attention.

     Since her first night, I have been coming out to groom and feed her. We also took care of worming on her first day (Ivermectin). She was reluctant to pick up her feet at first, but last time I groomed her she didn’t hesitate. She isn’t very patient, and likes to paw the ground if she is tied. 

     Today, it was almost dark and the farm was buried under a newly formed lake, so we didn’t groom. However, Jellybean came running down the pasture with the other assorted horses when I called her in the pasture. Seems shes a creature of routine. 

     As soon as it stops raining we can get started in the round pen, and working through some of John Lyon’s weanling and yearling exercises. She also has a vet appointment to receive vaccine boosters and a visit from the farrier coming up. 


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